Fic: Places of Safety (Peri/Erimem, PG-15)

Title: Places of Safety
Rating: PG-15?
Warnings: None
Words: ~2100
Characters/Pairings: Peri/Erimem, Fifth Doctor
Summary: Erimem finds the most joy inside the TARDIS.
A/N: Written for wishfulaces for the dw_femslash Seventh Annual Femslash Ficathon. Beta-read by livii. References to The Eye of the Scorpion, No Place Like Home, The Axis of Insanity, The Kingmaker and The Veiled Leopard.
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How would you bring back Erimem?

How would you bring back Erimem? There have been discussions on GB and the BF forums about how we'd like to see Erimem return. Possible options that we've thought of:

~ Companion Chronicle (maybe or maybe not with Nicola Bryant as the second voice).
~ The Doctor (Six) and Peri return to Peladon and Erimem joins them again.
~ Mini series set on Peladon.
~ Another Doctor turns up on Peladon.
~ Simply more stories set before Bride of Peladon.

I'd be happy with any of those! The more Erimem the better. Most of these idea/themes have already been used for other companions, so why not Erimem? SHE NEEDS TO RETURN!!!
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Meeting Caroline

Thought I'd share with everyone that I met Caroline Morris yesterday! (and got mistaken for her by the event organiser!) She is such a cutie! She is no longer in acting, but is now a TV producer and would love to come back to Big Finish. Fingers crossed for the return of Erimem!
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Possible return for Erimem?

Big Finish have just done a live chat with Barnaby Edwards where I asked if there was any chance of them bringing back Erimem in either audio or book format. Barnaby replied:

I'd certainly like to - and Caroline's keen - so we'll just have to see.

At least we now know that she hasn't been forgotten, and they have stayed on contact with Caroline Morris, so who knows! Maybe 2010 will see the return of Erimem!

Fic: Beauties Pass Before Thee

Title: Beauties Pass Before Thee
Rating: PG
Characters: Peri/Erimem, 5th Doctor
Spoilers: Slight Roof of the World spoilers
Summary: They promised her snow, Chicago has plenty to spare.
Disclaimer: The story is mine, the characters are borrowed.
A/N: I swear I thought the extended deadline was the 14th rather than the 4th, I was all pleased when I finished this on Sunday and could say to my beta 'don't worry I've got till Saturday'... *headdesk* I was really looking forward to actually being early with a ficathon piece for once. Anyways, written for sneakyangel for the the prompt: Peri/Erimem fluff. The higher the rating, the better. Fluff I have provided, however despite my intentions the story stayed stubbornly PG and went other places instead. Many thanks to moviegrrl for beta-ing and pointing out my split infinitives. Story largely inspired by walking round the Cultural Center in Chicago (and especially by this) where the idea of Peri and Erimem in Chicago sprang to life almost full-formed.

I will make thee love literature thy mother;I will make its beauties pass before thee.