I can never be Pharaoh, can I Doctor?

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A community for Erimem, audio Companion to the Fifth Doctor
Welcome to princesserimem, community for fans of Erimem, the would-be Egyptian Pharaoh companion of the Fifth Doctor.
What is allowed
~ Any discussion involving Erimem and the Big Finish audios and books she is associated with.
~ Fanfic, fanart, graphics etc. The more the better! But remember to use LJ cuts.
~ Reviews of the audios.
~ Anything related to Erimem.
What is not allowed
~ Flaming, trolling and general bad behaviour.
~ Character bashing be it pairing, individuals, stories, anything like that.
~ Absolutly no downloads. All of Erimem's audios and books are readily available from Big Finish and are well worth every penny.

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